Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Duh, Nobama-oids!

Did some demented GOP functionary inspire John McCain to pick a strongly pro-gun/anti-women's choice VP wanna-be? It is to laugh a pinko laugh.

So, he wants to average their ages to a lower, safer number? So, he wants to pretend that Sarah Palin's gender is the big thing, not her far-to-his-right politics? So, he figures that disgruntled Hillary supporters and mildly racist white voters will be too dumb to catch on.

Well, he has some fresh history on his side. As a group, we voters do like to delude ourselves. It was a lot of years ago (1928) when Al Smith was the Democratic Presidential candidate. He said, "The American people never carry an umbrella. They prepare to walk in the eternal sunshine."

We've had decades of such delusion, at least back to Ronald Reagan. In the past eight years ago, were have been forced to subsist on the bitter harvests of failed fantasies.

Can we see large numbers of those trepid about voting for Obama twisting McCain/Palin into anything humane and acceptable? I'm betting that the majority of us are not so stupid.

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