Friday, August 15, 2008

The Few, The Bitter, The Anti-Gay

In preparing my little post on the incredible shrinkage of Maine's Christian Civic League, I had a brief email exchange with an rights organizer in that state. He concurred that the CCL is sapped by its failures to knock down the GLBT laws there. However, he concluded ominously, "They're gone for now, but I think we definitely cannot pronounce them dead."

I thought of his sage words when the ragtag group of losers, the pair (or maybe just a single now) that is MassResistance reached up from their own grave of failure today. Shades of a 60s horror movie, the moribund MR will try to collect about 32,000 signatures to put an initiative on the ballot to repeal the repeal of the 1913 law set limiting out-of-state couples marrying here.

MR head (and maybe sole prop.) Brian Camenker claims to have filed papers with the commonwealth's secretary of state for the initiative process this afternoon. Assuming that he gets it approved for gathering, he has until October to get the sigs.

This was a losing proposition from the beginning. I suspect his old buddies at Massachusetts Family Institute and Sean O'Malley's guys are unlikely to stick out their necks on this, the next certain loss.

He calls the repeal that expanded and reinforced our marriage process here "sleazy" and "underhanded." A more rational campaign director for MassEquality, Marc Solomon, sounded a lot like the Maine guy with, "I've learned that when it comes to equality for gay and lesbian people, the struggle is never over because there are certain people that are just strongly opposed to any rights for gay people. It's never shocking; it is disappointing."

This has gone from scary to sad, pathetic. The dwindling party that is MR reflects the effete Christian Civic League of Maine. Up there, they lost their last tiny battle trying to repeal gay-rights regulations and legislation, basically shrinking to nothing.

Bye bye, Brian.

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