Friday, August 08, 2008

Wilkerson: Second Boot Drops

Tuesday, Sen. Dianne Wilkerson chats with us at Left Ahead! She's in a seminal Democratic primary race for the Second Suffolk seat she's held for nearly 16 years.

She goes nose to nose with challenger Sonia Chang-Díaz. Two years ago they ended up in a sticker campaign for the seat, with Sonia running a surprisingly close 6% behind, after starting as an unknown.

Wilkerson has an impressive slate of endorsers from the Patrick Administration and Boston's government. However, folks are wondering whether her legal troubles will hit her hard. Moreover, last time, she had the benefit of Deval Patrick ramping up the black vote, her biggest supporters election-to-election.

We're watching closely. Here are two progressives. One has the stains of legal problems and a recent plea bargain with the Attorney General, but she has a history of bringing in money throughout the district. The other is a reformer, but doesn't have the history.

I can hardly wait for Tuesday.

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