Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boston Cops Keep Comedy Coming

You would have thought that Boston police would have learned a bit, an eeny bit from being the nationwide punchline with their Mooninite fiasco. Nooooooooooooooo. At the state and local level, DA, city and state cops and such hold their LED toy panic was totally justified, dude.

Now they are determined to reprise their asininity in the Shepard Fairey poster prosecution. Today, they are piling unproven and unprovable accusations on the California artist. Apparently like the original red-nose-honking arrest of him on his way to an ICA reception, they do this because they can.

They had a tiny bit of cred on the first arrest and charge because the city's graffiti cop isn't very effective and he did make a public display of getting at least one guy. Well, good on him but give it a rest. In fact, go to any phone pole or street sign in JP. Get the politicians, lost-cat searchers and others with dozens or hundreds of posters on the same couple of blocks to clean up their acts or face charges. There's lots of petty graffito folk out there who leave their names and contacts and who can't deny they did the deed or ordered others to do it.

The attempted pig pile (pun intended) on Fairey this time is laughable...and many will be laughing at our cops. As his local lawyer, Jeffrey P. Wiesner, told the Globe, "I've never seen less credible evidence presented for a criminal charge.'' No one saw him do the alleged 31 posting of his work nor claims he told anyone to put them up.

It is embarrassing for the city, yet again. The talk show people and MSM still use Boston as a punchline for the LED panic. Now, we are surely in for it once more.

Give it that rest, BPD. You're looking incompetent.

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