Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is Gay Marriage in the (VT) House?

Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas doesn't seem to know how to pick a fight. After a big show last week announcing that he'd veto any SSM bill that appeared on his desk, he heard today that the House followed the Senate. Its Judiciary Committee that held the hearing on the matter voted to bill onto the House floor with an eight to two favorable endorsement.

The closest thing to a nod the anti-marriage equality was a throw-away. The committee put in an amendment making double dog sure that anti-gay clerics and other preacher types who claim that SSM violates their creeds won't be compelled to solemnize homosexual marriages.

That is a fascinating myth that the anti folk love to drag out, despite that being the case nationwide already and clearly within our Bill of Rights. Apparently the committee is willing to shut them up with the unnecessary. Would that it were always so easy.

The Senate approved the bill last week. Douglas made his veto call. No one seems to be publishing a tally of whether the House will have 100 of 150 votes for an override.

Either way, Douglas is a sure loser here. If he vetoes and there aren't 100 votes, he's gone from mush-mouthed and indecisive to anti-civil rights and anti-homosexual in the first civil-union state. If he vetoes and is overridden, he doesn't come off as his fantasy hero standing up for principle. Instead, he's that clod who turned a rights discussion and issue into an emotional plea. Either way, that's not likely the type of governor who wins re-election again up North.

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