Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Game Over, Mary Z!

I have seen (and heard) the future and it is Suzanne Bump. All hail our pending state Auditor!

I have been saying in podcasts and blog posts that Republican nominee for the office Mary Connaughton would attract voters, at least the most literal. She has two gambits — she was a pain in the butt to everyone connected with the turnpike authority and she is a (beat, beat, wait for it) CPA.

I was wrong. She is so bad at presenting herself, at having any vision for a broad and powerful office, at, well, thinking, that she immediately turned herself into a non-candidate.

Do listen to as much of the Jim Braude co-interview with the pair. It's here.

It's embarrassing for Connaughton. I understand if you can't sit through the whole segment.

Mary couldn't answer a single questions straight, particularly the binary ones. Suzanne had cohesive arguments and platforms. Mary repeated her two points and looked pathetically to the host and camera as though those substituted for reasons and positions. Suzanne frolicked around her, seeming to enjoy every moments and likely reveling in her good fortune at such a schlemiel in the other chair.

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