Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New-to-Me Meaningful Talk

There's a new talker in town, at least if your town is Somerville, or you have access to the net. Mara Dolan does one-on-one half hours that are worth your time.

I can't get her Right Here, Right Now on RCN in Boston. It runs on public access in Somerville at 8 p.m. on Monday though. Perhaps better, she has begun posting them on her Vimeo site. We can catch the ones we want on demand.

As background, she's a lawyer from Concord and a former state Dem committee person. She moderated the debate-like-event for Dem candidates for Auditor, where I first saw her in action. The host Young Democrats of Massachusetts recap it here.

She's having pols and policy types. I just finished the recent chat with Jeffrey Miron, Harvard's director of undergraduate economic studies. He's a libertarian, but also a serious academic. He can explain various flavors of his philosophy, his and the versions of others. Dolan clearly disagrees with some of his conclusions, which leads to a meaty 30 minutes. Good stuff.

If you can't get enough political and economic talk, click over to Dolan.
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