Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MA Vote Weak With OK Results

Mostly good is the phrase. Yesterday's MA primary had damned lousy turnout but decent flow-through of Dem candidates.

Over at Left Ahead, we'll crow and cringe at our predictions and endorsements today at 2:30 p.m. Eastern. If you don't catch the live stream, check LA later for it on demand.

I did pretty well, with one major disappointment. The baddie of course was the 9th U.S. House race. Mac D'Alessandro got just about a third of the vote against incumbent Rep. Steve Lynch. I truly, truly wanted a change from that old regressive RINO.

Folks said, apparently correctly, that Mac got a late start, was out-funded about 8 to 1, Lynch didn't have the guts to debate, and blah blah, quixotic, blah blah. Yet, this same district, embraced progressive Joe Moakley from 1973 till his death in 2001. It knows a good lefty when it has one. Its chance to repeat that is gone...for at least a couple more years. We hope that Mac doesn't pull a Sam Yoon and take his good politics and vision out of state.

My other endorsements for contested primary slots were solid:
  • Steven Grossman for Treasurer
  • Suzanne M. Bump for Auditor
  • Barney Frank for 4th District U.S. Representative
  • Sonia Rosa Chang-Díaz for 2nd Suffolk District Senator
  • Carlos Tony Henriquez for 5th Suffolk District Representative
As the carnies scream, "Everyone a winner!"

Today at 2:30, we'll kick around what we see for the November general.

For that view, Secretary of the Commonwealth candidate Jim Henderson reports only 14% of registered voters came out in MA yesterday. Surely the governor's race and three prickly ballot questions will at least triple that for the general, but for crying out loud in a bucket, people...

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