Thursday, June 01, 2006

For Deval Patrick Again and Still

Let's get serious. We endorse Deval Patrick for governor of Massachusetts.

Temporal Note: We posted that in the early part of February and have had no reason to change. If anything, the inability of the other candidates to counter his policy proposals and platform reinforces the basis for endorsement.

From the beginning of his campaign, he has spoken straight, honestly and in detail of what he wants for the commonwealth and how he would do it. In contrast to the other announced candidates, he has put his full platform in public.

On the major issues of education, health care, the economy, energy, the environment, and cities and town, he offers practical and progressive goals and methods.

Unlike our do-nothing, non-visionary governors of recent years, Deval has a road map and is headed in the right direction. This isn't even close. No one else deserves serious consideration.

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