Monday, February 12, 2007

Cirignano False Witnesses?

Fourth-hand tip coming up.
So at least two of those civic stalwarts at December's Worcester demonstration likely filmed the incident that led to the charges of Larry Cirignano attacking a protester. It makes one wonder, in their six-week investigation, did the Worcester police locate the camera operators and their video? More to the point, with absurd accusations that the victim somehow planned getting shoved from behind and pushed to the ground, will these people's God let them bear false witness on this?

...even worse, what if one or both of them realized what they had and destroyed evidence? They might justify it to themselves, but there must be a special place in their Hell for such actions.

I can't wait for the hearing and either plea bargain or trial.

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Anonymous said...


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The staff

massmarrier said...

Well, I shall. It seems Worcester continues to insinuate itself in my life. There was the BlogLeft gathering, the vcast/podcast, and the steady stream of political news.

I find myself there repeatedly. Plus, from visiting friends there over 20 years ago, I still have my PARIS OF THE '80s shirt.

Uncle said...

Wow Dad, If I keep blogging, can I get the same sort of recognition?

But seriously, I too find Worcester popping into my life at unexpected moments. This seems like a good thing.