Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cirignano Not Wriggling Away Yet

Awwwright. Head over to BayWindows to get the scoop on anti-gay/anti-equality bully Larry Cirignano heading for both assault/battery and civil rights charges.

Ethan Jacobs' follow-up on last week's piece reports that after a month and a half of investigation, Worcester police figure recently resigned Catholic Citizenship exec Cirignano can't lie his way out of his deeds before a crowd on December 16th.

BW reports that police spokesperson Kerry Hazelhurst said, "Through the D.A.’s office they’re going to go forward with civil rights violations and assault and battery charges … [Police] investigated everything and talked to all involved and determined that the elements for civil rights violations were met, and they decided to go with it. It was an extensive and lengthy investigation."

Here, I confess to being skeptical of real prosecution, particularly after his group created a new position in D.C. to move him from his disgrace. As the geeks are wont to say, this is goodness. I was wrong.

The Worcester Telegram reports that the police filed the charge of interfering with civil rights on Friday. A magistrate reviews it next. Cirignano's court appearance is February 20th.

Police Capt. Edward J. McGinn Jr. said the investigation was sequential and continued to the civil-rights issue after the assault and battery. The misdemeanor civil-rights charge relates to the victim's rights to demonstrate and exercise her freedom of speech, McGinn said.

Amusingly enough, the Telegram reports, "
Many came to Mr. Cirignano’s defense, including the Catholic Citizenship group, and the issue was fodder for Internet chat groups and bloggers. Many accused Ms. Loy of fabricating the issue. "

Hazelhurst would not detail the basis for the civil-rights charges before they are formal. BW reports "Penalties for a civil rights charge range from up to $1000 or up to one year of jail time, or some combination of both."

A right-wing thug having to face his deeds...priceless.

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