Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Loving Rhody Bishop Spits

Massachusetts marriages seem to be as insidious as homosexual lobbying, according to Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin. For him, it would appear no wall is high enough or sealed tightly enough to keep the sin on the other side.

Following last week's evaluation by R.I. Attorney General Patrick Lynch, Tobin was fairly flapping his frock. After a review of R.I. law and consideration of comity, Lynch concluded that his state would begin recognizing Massachusetts marriages.

Well, don't ever let anyone say that the bishop does not live up to his self-defined motto on his coat of arms -- STRONG LOVING WISE. He brought it right to Lynch and his minions.

The strong, loving and wise bishop's brief statement ended:
It is clear that the Attorney General’s thinking on this issue has been influenced by the relentless gay agenda so prevalent in our State. It is ironic, however, that his decision was announced on Ash Wednesday, when so many citizens of our State were beginning a special time of repentance and prayer. His decision has given us another reason to repent of our sins and pray for forgiveness.
There you have it. Accusation of agenda-following is as good as refutation!

While the silly AG was off thinking legal thoughts, Tobin was not alone in his criticism. Not only do folk know that Gov. Donald L. Carcieri opposes marriage equality, the surely impartial president of the Rhode Island Republican Assembly was beside himself. That very same Robert T. McKay said, "This is a great miscarriage of justice and law by the individual who is charged with the responsibility of enforcing Rhode Island law and protecting our state constitution."

He suggested that Lynch "should have deferred to lawmakers or federal law, specifically, the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which says states do not have to recognize same-sex unions from other states." He did not add, although he should have, that these separation of powers and U.S. Constitutional things are overrated.
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