Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cirignano Riding the Wheel of Justice

In a closed proceeding in Worcester today, Larry Cirignano apparently heard that he remains on the hook for attacking protester Sarah Loy two months ago at an anti-marriage-equality rally in that beautiful burg.

The initial report came from BayWindow's Ethan Jacobs. The clerk magistrate found probable cause for both assault and battery, and civil rights charges against the former executive director of Catholic Citizenship.

While Cirignano resigned his position and headed off to D.C. for a to-be-created role doing the same dirty work at a national level, he is scheduled to return to Worcester District Court on April 11th for arraignment.

I would love to be a D.A. in Worcester hearing Cirginano's lawyers trying to strike a plea bargain on this set of charges. Originally he had stonewalled, claiming total innocence. Some of his supporters even claim the slight woman protester flung herself to the ground, even though witnesses say Cirignano shoved her from behind to the pavement.

Keep checking with BayWindows and Pie and Coffee for news on this.

Next Day Follow-Ups: The Boston Globe got a super-light quote from the victim and the Worcester Telegram has a little more detail. Both published these today, Wednesday.

The Globe couldn't get anything from the defendant or his side. From Loy by phone, they heard, "I'm very glad that the city of Worcester and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are taking civil rights seriously. It's good news, because my civil rights were violated."

The Telegram included snippets from the investigators' report:
Several people held counter-demonstrations at the afternoon rally. Sarah Loy, 27, of Worcester, who was holding a sign defending same-sex marriage, told police Mr. Cirignano pushed her in the shoulder area with both hands while repeatedly saying, “You have to get out of here. … Now,” according to a police report. Ms. Loy initially told police she was not injured, but investigators later photographed a small bruise on her elbow.

Three witnesses said they saw Mr. Cirignano push Ms. Loy “with force,” according to the report. Police said Mr. Cirignano told them he “lightly” pushed Ms. Loy with one hand to prevent her from moving into the area of the podium.
KnowThyNeighbor wonders whether the anti-marriage-equality running dogs -- Ray Flynn, Kris Mineau and Evelyn Reilly -- will feign distance from the accused's actions or maybe actively disavow them.

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