Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cirignano Half Way Off

The news from Worcester is not all good. In the Cirignano trial, the defense finally convinced Justice David Despotopulos that the case law should let a permit holding rally organizer physically remove a protester. So, he accepted a motion to drop the civil-rights violation charge.

By reading other accounts, it appears the Assistant DA Joseph Quinlan is not the experienced pro that defense lawyer Michael Gilleran is. In particular, the defense brought up a binder full of case law on the civil rights side, with no real rebuttal.

I confess that I had a vision that this would be a good lesson for the vigilante wingers who don't like that free-speech stuff — for others. So, the other charge of assault and battery against pro-equality demonstrator Sarah Loy is what's on deck.

According to those there, Larry will testify tomorrow morning, along with a few other defense witnesses. So far, it may still come to whom you can believe. Gilleran seems to be a real amoral pro, which may be the prime reason to hire an experienced trial lawyer. When I saw him arguing motions, Quinlan was competent, but no more. In fact, he seems a bit shy and timid. I suspect Gilleran would ask for your first born on a platter and when you turned him down, he'd continue on the next item on his list. He's tough.

Whine: This has been eating me up. I have not been able to go to the testimony phase of this trial because of a conference I have to attend.

You can get your info the same way I do.

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