Monday, October 22, 2007

Larry Slides in Worcester

Mike Benedetti apparently knows Worcesterites better than I. He called it when he told me the jury would let Larry Cirignano off on assault and battery. He just got back to his office and posted the news here.

Follow-up: The Telegram also has a short here. No one has gotten any comments from the jurors or parties to the case yet.

Follow-up Follow-up: Now Ethan over at Bay Windows has filed his story here. It includes this prepared statement from defense attorney Michael Gilleran:
We believe the overwhelming evidence was that the complainant in this case, Sarah Loy, tripped over someone’s foot and was not pushed by Lawrence Cirignano. In addition, the law is clear that since the Let the People Vote rally had a permit to hold its rally and therefore Ms. Loy did not have a right to disrupt that rally by bearing her contrary message into the permitted rally. The judge agreed with our position on this point and dismissed the violation of civil rights charge again Mr. Cirignano. Now the jury has agreed with the defense’s position on the assault and battery charge and exonerated Mr. Cirignano. This is a fortunate result for Mr. Cirignano and the law.
In contrast, I think the law took a dirty bath on this, but he's a pro and knows how to spin.

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