Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Acton Youth on The Laramie Project

The MetroWestDaily/Acton/Wicked Local online thingummy has a nice set of comments on The Laramie Project play in their feature on it. The actors are much cooler than some of the parents.

By the bye, they did not interview the student who has been getting blog coverage. The actors they did quote seem to have a similar sangfroid though.

The student at the top, Meghan Veno, describes herself as a conservative Christian and not a liberal sort. She and her parents read the play and decided that she should audition. She got parts and concludes, "I don’t agree with everything in the play, but at the core it has a good message."

There are a few crackpot comments at the bottom of the article. One goes so far as to suggest that the school admins and the drama coach seem to want the kids to risk getting AIDS. Another says the director is simply publicity and money hungry. The other comments are rational.

The article also has a link to the local view of the protest forum by a couple of anti-gay groups who came to "educate" the parents on the evils of the play. Yada yada.

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Anonymous said...

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The General Manager is Keating Wilcox.

Spread the word...if anyone has an action mailing list...tell them to post the information!

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