Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just a Point at Dianne

This is too much and too tiresome. Today's Phoenix has a long piece by free-lance Ted Siefer on yet more Sen. Dianne Wilkerson questionable dealings. It's that selling out to businessmen and not filing taxes and statements on yet another corporation.

Read it yourself. I feel dirty just mentioning it. Somebody stop her. Somebody talk to her.


Anonymous said...

There are many loose associations in this article and I am really concerned. First of all, there is no tangible connection between a bill not being passed and the sale of her real-estate. This is really a stretch.

Secondly, a 501c3 is not required to publish financial records publicly. Your paper cannot know whether the contributions to the non-profit exceeded 25,000. Only the IRS or a court ordered audit could determine this. So once again, Wilkerson is being convicted in the media for an undefined, unproven crime. It is apparent that someone did not do their homework. This isnt close to being fair. It's purely biased propoganda.

massmarrier said...

You are quite mistaken about the responsibilities of 501(c)3 corporations. They must file annual reports by 11/1, which are public record, the same as other Massachusetts corporations.

I did not write the Phoenix article. You can take your accusations up with them.

If the attorney (suspended) Wilkerson did not follow the rules on these filings, as with previous tax violations, that falls to her as the officer in charge. The Secretary of State's office has clear information about these filings, as required in incorporation papers as well. You can't start a corporation without knowing these requriements.

I don't know how much this corporation grossed, but I do know from running non-profit boards in the past that filing is almost always necessary. It sure doesn't take much activity to move $25,000.