Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wilkerson Clearing a Bit of Brush

It took a couple of weeks from the notice, but some MSM folk have discovered the Sen. Dianne Wilkerson gambit of using pre-primary endorsements on her campaign site. Even the Herald got around to mentioning it Monday.

Her folk have killed the old site and inexplicably put up a new one. It's typical DW — late and sloppily done. The old site is just out of DNS, doesn't load and doesn't route to the new one. First things first, please, people.

One of my major points two weeks ago was that DW was deceptively listing her long list of endorsements from pre-primary. Other than Boston's mayor, the other big shots have signed on for the Dem nominee, Sonia Chang-Diaz. In that camp are the governor, speaker of the house, and leading black state reps. Out of deference for their long association with her, the mayor and several city councilors are keeping their mouths shut, but they sure aren't endorsing Wilkerson or helping her quixotic sticker drive.

Today, PolitickerMA quotes a Wilkerson minion as saying the old site was for the primary. It is amusing, considering that the sensible thing to do without screwing over supporters would be to update the previous site. Also, the allegedly new one has pretty much the same template and content as the old, minus the misleading endorsement page.

Interestingly enough, after I cited the bait and switch, I got several comments here from her supporters. Then, her camp did update the endorsement page. That is, it updated the title about people and organizations who endorsed her to read that they endorsed her for the primary. Of course, this was in black type on a red background, so the endorsement list shouted while the title barely whispered.

I suspect in a few days, they'll bring back some kind of endorsement page. Right now the menu item is gone. I bet when they do, it will be quotes from supporters and not the scraggly list of few.

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