Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nov. 4th, Let Me Drive

How did I wait so long to tell people what to do? Could it be that I assume readers have paid a little attention and know my picks for next Tuesday?

Just in case, the obligatory command is to vote, even if for some unfathomable reason you don't concur 100% with me.

From that base:

President: Obama and Biden. There's no contest here, even with six teams running. We have barely survived GOP fantasies and blunders.

U.S. Senator: John Kerry. Jeff Beatty is beady eyed and just plain nasty. Kerry has been so inspired by his competitors this year, any complaints of his shortcomings no longer hold.

Question 1: No to state personal income tax repeal. It's a silly game that would just shift taxes to local property ones, meanwhile stripping social services while returning maybe $300 to middle-class families and benefiting the richest with big bucks.

Question 2: Yes on changing possession of an ounce or less of pot to a fine instead of jail. Dealers are still up up for hard time and the courts and jails shouldn't have to spend lots of money for victimless crimes.

Question 3: Yes on stopping greyhound racing. It's a cruel sport that will disappear of its own boredom in a few years. Meanwhile, why torture the dogs? The track owners now are only in it in hope of gaining casino rights. Tell 'em to take a hike or to chase a mechanical rabbit.

Second Suffolk Senate: Sonia Chang-Díaz. Don't be a total fool by using a sticker for Dianne Wilkerson. William Leonard seems like a swell fellow, but he has a very narrow range of interest in a job that requires a broad one.

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