Friday, October 24, 2008

Trot Got Hot Spot

The Socialist Workers Party candidate for the Second Suffolk Senate seems to have captured the imagination of at least a few bloggers and papers. William Theodore Leonard is on the ballot for the seat, as is Democrat Sonia Chang-Díaz. Of course, the legally and politically clumsy incumbent Dianne Wilkerson is taking a flier on a sticker campaign.

Leonard seems to be popping up like Whac-A-Mole. A short time ago, no one I knew had heard of him. He had gotten enough signatures to be on the ballot. With no Republican running, suddenly he became the other candidate.

We may have started this with our October 14th podcast at Left Ahead! (We booked him a month earlier, but had a little backlog of guests.)

The Phoenix followed with a generalized profile.

The Bay State Banner interviewed him in a walk and talk while he campaigned.

Also, WFNX had made a passing mention of him (bottom of that blog post).

Neither Boston daily has interviewed or covered him. A couple of times, each listed his name as an also-runner in the last line of an article on the race.

In a way that makes sense, as he has little cash and few helpers. He made some bluster with us about being in it to win, but he wasn't very convincing. On the other hand, he has strong views on and reasons to support some seminal issues, notably reform of immigration policies and procedures. He is full of polemic, but elevates the political dialog on some topics.

With under two weeks to the vote, the dailies, PolitickerMA and maybe a broadcast outlet or two should do a bright on his candidacy. SWP folk are pretty rare on the ballot around here. I think a lot of voters are going to get their ballots on 11/4 and wonder 1) Who is William Leonard? and 2) Why hasn't anyone told me about another candidate on the ballot for state Senate?

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