Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cautionary Humor

Raphael Mitchel, that inflamatory editor-in-chief of Canadian gay mag Fab, offered his own version of the slippery slope of same-sex marriage, including:
If throwing the bouquet in 2004 is like throwing a brick at Stonewall in 1969, then perhaps the marriage war is worth fighting. But once we do finally secure it, we should quickly rename it something else. Marriage is already so last millennium. We queers do need to stay ahead and not copy Kinsey zeros. The next thing you know, hets will want their own bathhouses.


Uncle said...

Mark Morford, of, gets at the same idea with more words, though he manages to be entertaining about it.

"To the vast sentient population of the planet, people like those in Focus on the Family and the American Family Association... are, well, just plain sad, small, lost in a world where everything is a threat ...and everything reeks of debauchery and demonism and copious amounts of residual Astroglide.

And ... we shake our heads and sigh, trying to understand how excruciating it must be to go through life feeling as though you're stuck like a pinned bug to a perverted universe that can't be trusted, one that they desperately hope will be over real soon now, just like the "Left Behind" books promise, so they can forget how miserable and lost and distressed they feel and so they may finally leave their not-so-secret homosexual fantasies behind and drive their big manly SUVs to the Promised Land."

It's always been "the word," of course. Take the m-word out of the equation and the pro-con numbers would reverse overnight. The more fragile the "sacred institution" is on its own straight ground, the more determined some people must be to support it.

Perhaps we should auction renaming rights to "gay marriage" on Ebay. Or not: the renaming bid for the Fleet Center seems to be attracting more than its share of idiots.

Mass Marrier said...

Well, I have the disadvantage in this debate of being straight. Yet, I am married. I am still trying to decypher from the anti group how same-sex marriage negatively impacts their existing marriages. Obviously my solemnizing a gay marriage suggests that I don't find it threatening to me or my kids.