Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hedging Bets

You and your same-sex partner can cover the current bases at the Avril Stand B&B in Witingham, Vermont, a few miles above the Massachusetts border. It offers civil union and marriage packages. You can do either or both.

The idea is that civil unions are legal in Vermont and marriages in Massachusetts may or may not ever be recognized by another state. So a couple can enjoy the scenery, get good meals, and have every detail of the ceremony taken care of, for $699.

If you go for the marriage package on top of the civil union, your get:
  • 3 Additional nights at Averill Stand (extra time needed for marriage 3-day waiting period after licensing)
  • Massachusetts officiant
  • Escorted trip for your Massachusetts license
  • Well-orchestrated Wedding day combined with your Civil Union, including Bob's undivided attention and accompaniment to walk you through it all.

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