Wednesday, February 09, 2005

DoMA States

A listing of states with Defense of Marriage (one-man/one-woman) laws was part of the statement to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary by Joshua K. Baker, staff attorney of the Marriage Law Project (MLP). The tables below are from this, December 14, 2002 testimony. So the states with amendments has increased.

The updated count after the last election moves Ohio and Texas into the DOMA list, for a total of 38 with and 12 without.

The MLP is part of the Law & Religion Program of the Catholic University of America. The Joint Committee is a combined session of the Massachusetts legislature charged with preparing for the constitutional convention in 2006.

The 36 States With Marriage Recognition Laws

Alabama Hawaii* Michigan Oklahoma
Alaska* Idaho Minnesota Pennsylvania
Arizona Illinois Mississippi South Carolina
Arkansas Indiana Missouri South Dakota
California Iowa Montana Tennessee
Colorado Kansas Nebraska* Utah
Delaware Kentucky Nevada* Virginia
Florida Louisiana North Carolina Washington
Georgia Maine North Dakota West Virginia
*Constitutional amendment

The 14 States without Marriage Recognition Laws

Connecticut New Jersey Oregon Wisconsin
Maryland New Mexico Rhode Island Wyoming
Massachusetts New York Texas
New Hampshire Ohio Vermont

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