Monday, February 14, 2005

Janus, Part 2

A likely preview of the appeal arguments in the NYC same-sex marriage-license case is in the amicus filing by Lambda to the NY Supreme Court. It cites the surprisingly aggressive positions by the NYC lawyers (Corporation Counsel of the City of New York) and addresses each. If as expected, the City iterates these in its appeal, you can see what the seven judges will consider.
Note: The above link is to a PDF file that requires a compatible reader.
It is clear that NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s public statements are starkly at odds with his lawyers’ filings. He has said that personally he favors same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, the Corporation Counsel writes that there is no right to marriage, that the state can make any limitations it prefers, and that one-man/one-woman has been the rule since Genesis.

No matter how the judges decide in Albany, I don’t see how it can end any way other than badly for the hypocritical Bloomberg. So far, his posture is that the City attorneys made him appeal. One would assume that at his age he would pick one side and stand with it.

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