Friday, April 29, 2005

Crews Gets Blues

The current Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) president, Kristian Mineau took over when Ron Crews went on leave. Crews, who uses the Dr. honorific because of a divinity degree and not Rev., stepped down as head of the MFI to run for U.S. Congress from Massachusetts’ third district last year. He went toe-to-toe with Democratic incumbent Jim McGovern, a very strong supporter of same-sex marriages and civil right in general.

In a very heavy-handed campaign, Crews used the marriage issue, and such votes and positions as McGovern’s call to finally stop the Cuba embargo. Crews’ campaign site has his colorful and puerile rhetoric, such as the Cuban-issue statement, “VOTE FOR RON CREWS: HE WILL WORK FOR HIS DISTRICT, NOT FLY AROUND THE WORLD TO SUPPORT COMMUNISTS!!!”

Crews earned his extreme positions. He was a Georgia state rep for six years, an Evangelical Presbyterian minister, a chaplain for the Army’s 82nd Airborne, and colonel in the Massachusetts Army National Guard. One would have to have extraordinary intellect and maturity to come out of such a background and not have simple-minded responses to complex issues.

By the bye, the 2004 Election Results for the Massachusetts District 3 U.S. House Race were:
  • Jim McGovern (D): 71% (191,397)
  • Ron Crews (R): 29% (79,948)

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