Friday, April 29, 2005

Think of the Children: Last?

Oh, shucks, the mad dad in Lexington, Massachusetts, who sat in at his kindergartner's school to protest a diversity picture book may not be as much fun as he first appeared. David Parker seems more like a singer with a one-octave range.

Today's Boston Globe has details about his thinking. Key points include:
  • He chose to spend the night in jail on the trespassing charge rather than accept bail.
  • Parker (63) and wife Tonia (34) recently moved her from New Jersey (not a sin; I went to high-school there).
  • They oppose same-sex marriage, but swear "(t)his is not about creating a forum for hate...We are not intolerant. We love all people. This is part of our faith."
  • The diversity packet he fustigated was no surprise. The school notified them in September that these would come home, what they included and when. The contents were displayed at a back-to-school night, and parents could have refused for kids to bring them home.
  • Tonia may have nodded off that those meetings. She claims ignorance of what the other parents heard.
The point of the packet was informational. The design was for parents to discuss families and diversity with their kids, which is what Parker claims he wants to do.

He somehow decided that two non-judgmental illustrations in a picture book saying that some families had two daddies or two mommies were both sexual in nature and promoting homosexuality rather than stating the obvious.

Alas, David Parker...claiming to be a victim when he had the choices all along,,,finding slights in the breezes...denying his hate while calling it love...refusing to accept his responsibility to teach his child his values and morals when handed the materials...

The only chance for good rhetoric is if the fringe sort at places like the Article 8 Alliance hold forth about this. We can only hope.


I love swines said...

So what's your view on interspecies gay marriage, such as a gay man marry a male pig?

Anonymous said...

Even better...what do you think about interspecies intrafamily homosexual heterosexual marriage, such as you marrying a male pig and your mother. In the name of equality, this must be respected.

Anonymous said...

Is this question from PETA?