Saturday, April 02, 2005

Yes and No in Maine

The gay-rights bill (1196) became law in Maine on April Fools Day. It won't take effect until June 29. The Bangor News article on the signing said it was happy event. However, the anti forces will try to overturn it. To wit:
Opponents have until June 28 to submit 50,519 signatures to the Secretary of State's Office in order to force a November 2005 referendum. Opponents hope to collect 70,000 signatures and $2 million to run the campaign. If they can force a referendum, the law won't take effect unless voters approve it.
Maine voters have twice rejected gay-rights legislation. The last time, the defeat was extremely narrow, and the new law stated specifically that it did not include nor sanction same-sex marriage. It doesn't look good for the naysayers.

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