Thursday, April 28, 2005

Think of the Children: 3

Oh, goody, it looks like a self-righteousness fest, with the emphasis on right. In Lexington, Massachusetts, that David Parker character will fight his trespass charge for sitting in at the local school because he can't get the right to be notified when homosexuals are mentioned, even if the kids bring it up.

Yesterday after a night in jail, he was arraigned in neighboring Concord, where he pleaded innocent. The judge released him on $100 bail and ordered him to stay off school grounds.

Immediately, the Article 8 folk already played a victim card on their Website. The twist is, "Father brought to court Thursday in handcuffs, scolded by judge. Had been refused opportunity to call a lawyer, so did not have legal counsel at hearing!!"

The dad wants privileges no one else gets from public or private schools. There is only one way this can end, but the rhetoric should be a series of keepers. (Unfortunately, the local paper in his town hasn't paid much attention. One teen girl slashed another with a bottle and that's keeping the main reporter hopping.)

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