Thursday, April 28, 2005

Think of the Children: 2

It seems David Parker's interests go beyond picture books. The local paper, the Lexington Minuteman, reports that he also was put out with the Day of Silence for tolerance, or perhaps he couldn't tolerate it, two weeks ago at Lexington High.

At the school committee meeting the day before he staged his sit-in after not getting his petulant demands for selective education, he held forth. The Minuteman reports he and another parent don't need no stinking diversity. To wit:
"[Schools] have unfettered ... access to children's psyches," he said, adding he resents being denied the role of gatekeeper of the information his son is exposed to.

Parker said the accepting of homosexuality is inextricably linked to the sexual element of the lifestyle, something he felt the schools should not foster.

Lorraine Fournier of Cedar Street said she finds "what's happening in the school system appalling," attributing the efforts to the "liberal agendas of the school system."

She protested that words which demean students who are homosexual are banned from the schools but other words like "bigot" and "homophobe" are still used, making students who are exercising their rights feel threatened.
Ah, threatened with ridicule for their this a bad thing?

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