Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Monitoring Massachusetts Marriage

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Out in the West, that is Western Massachusetts, that is really West of Boston, a.k.a. Worcester, at BlogLeft, one of the biggies speaking was Frederick Clarkson. He concluded his presentation with a major theme on same-sex marriage. He said that the current struggle with change the face of politics in Massachusetts forever.

"Massachusetts is ground zero," he said. He predicted that a tremendous amount of resources, financial and human, will pour into the commonwealth for this effort.

Bloggers will have a special responsibility, he added. This includes:

  • Being aware of who's coming.
  • Learn why they're coming.
  • Keep track of what they do here.
  • Help the media and political leaders understand what they are doing.
There are only two years to do this. Bloggers can make a huge difference.

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