Monday, December 12, 2005

When RC = Real Crazies

The Boston Globe's Eileen McNamara can be pretty flaky on political issues. Yet, she knows and calls her loons when she hears them.

Today's piece, Zealots mask real struggles, nails the crackpots who identify themselves as speaking for Roman Catholics. They want to take funds from Catholic Charities because the organization is honoring Tommy Menino for his good deeds. That's the cash that would clothe and feed the poor, feed the hungry, and like Jesus said...

She testifies against Bill Cotter, C.J. Doyle and Carol McKinley. As she puts it:
They are a tiny band of antiabortion zealots, being exploited by the hierarchy in hopes of promoting a backlash against reformers outraged by the criminal conduct of predatory priests and the bishops who protected them.

These folks do not just miss the Latin Mass; they miss Cardinal Bernard Law.

She makes it real.

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