Friday, December 16, 2005

Re Clarkson Recap

One of the great speakers at our BlogLeft Massachusetts gathering, Frederick Clarkson, did us a double favor. In a Daily Kos post, he not only recapped some of his remarks, but he expanded on what we can expect as the Goth and Huns sweep into our commonwealth to pound on same-sex marriage.

He makes it plain how the odious James Dobson fits into this drive. As Clarkson starts his piece:
Even as gay and lesbian civil rights have dramatically progressed in the past few decades, there is no question that the religious right has mounted an organized and often, hate-infused backlash movement. The particular wedge issue for the religious right these days, is marriage equality.

Marriage equality promises to be one of the central issues of our time. I live in Massachusetts, where an antimarriage equality amendment will probably be on the ballot in 2008.

It will change political life in my state forever.

Give him a read. It looks like stormy seas.

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