Friday, December 23, 2005

South Shore Angst Over

You can forget. In New England, you can forget how reactionary whole sections of American can be. In Boston, you can forget how the obvious becomes the considered. In a UU or UCC church, you can forget how more mainline folk wrestle with things we’re over.

It is actually refreshing to read that in Hanover, Massachusetts, the First Congregational Church voted to permit same-sex weddings – two years on. It wasn’t like it ended up being divisive. The vote was about 89% pro. On the other hand, they have been thinking and talking about it since AD 2003.

Mirible dictu!

The church’s pastor, Rev. Donald Remick, issued a statement after Sunday’s cathartic vote. “Our church has grappled with the issue for the last two years. Though conversations among the church leadership, Bible study forums, sermon and newsletter articles we have talked and listened to each other and sought the Will of God.”

Wow. That’s process, as clerics like to say.

There may have been a bit of catch-up involved. The more liberal United Church of Christ in town had its first gay wedding this fall.

The relieved reverend’s report also included:

Within Christendom, this issue continues to engage strong debate. The best, brightest and most devoted Biblical scholars cannot come to a consistent consensus on the meaning of the original language and context of the half dozen related Biblical passages. However, every scholar and every individual has deeply held convictions that their view is absolute and sacred.

Well, if he says so.

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