Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bush Arrogance Collision Imminent

Our impetuous and immature President Bush is determined to slide face first into the mire of historical ignominy. He apparently does not have the wit — and lacks the candid advisers — to keep him from the avoidable crash. According to the AP, he's going to prevent two more of his aides from testifying before Congress about the fired federal prosecutors.

This is far worse but in the same mold as Bill Clinton and his adulterous fellatio. Had our randy and also immature Clinton said that he had let a groupie intern service him orally, that would have been that. Similarly, if Shrub admitted that he and his folk actively planned to subvert the justice system by firing U.S. attorneys who didn't whore to GOP political goals, that too would have been that. He has the authority to hire and fire those overstuffed lawyers at will.

Instead, he fostered lying, perjury, deceit and now both conspiracy and contempt of Congress. What a childish dummy!

Under the guise of a Cheney/Bush plot to expand the power of the Executive Branch, his most recent position make perfect, yet moronic, sense. Yet, he has gone too far and can't stop, can't control himself.

Ideally, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will be the first to be impeached. Then the two aides in contempt of Congress will start in jail and end up with prison time and fines. It will be great if the conspiracy drops Dick Cheney next and Bush at the end. President Pelosi, with no arrogant, puerile boy to pardon anyone, has a very nice ring.

Follow-up on Offenses: I grew up watching The Untouchables (you may remember honesty and duty in government). This era's Washington show should be The Impeachables. Check today's recap of actionable offenses by Gonzales, Cheney, Rove and Bush in Salon by Sidney Blumenthal.

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