Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Truthiness Pointer (Cirignano Edition)

Click over to QueerToday for John Hosty's update and recap on the maybe trial of Catholic Citizenship's former head, Larry Cirignano. I hadn't gotten to citing the scheduled October 15th trial (a nice Monday for a trip to Worcester, eh?). Bay Windows has more on that.

By the bye, I write maybe because such slippery characters often seem to plea bargain.

John was at the December rally last year when pro-equality demonstrator Sarah Loy hit the pavement, face down. Numerous witnesses told police Cirignano shoved her from behind. In typical winger fashion, he claims innocence. He and some VoteOnMarriage folk say she was provocatively blocking the podium, while witnesses and photos show she was not and that the podium was in an open space separated by maybe 30 feet from anyone. He also says he gently guided her and she fell on her own, when those many witnesses call it what the prosecutor has, assault and battery, and violation of her right to free speech.

Read John's account and think about a journey to our second largest city.

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John Hosty said...

You know that I will be there for sure!

Mass Marrier said...

You're on. From my last trip downtown, I only remember Dunkin' and beer joints, but somehow, I bet we can figure a way to celebrate.