Saturday, August 25, 2007

New, Improved (Cycling) Mayor

The world's wrongest cliché must be that people don't change. It is the shield for the cowardly and lazy.

Yet, given my tirades against Mayor Tom Menino about being anti-bicycle (like here), believe that the piece on his change of heart and head in today's Globe astonished me.

I've wanted this for so long, I don't have to see it to believe it. However, until you get today's paper or click over to the site, I include part of a George Rizer (Globe photog) pic. (I think his seat's a little low, but we can work on that.)

I'll see if I can get comments from Da Mare, as well as congratulating him and maybe apologizing for years of criticism. If Tommy now likes bikes, things will get better for us cyclists and commuters alike. Hyde Park Avenue is big enough for both of us.

Check the story to see that:
  • He's a noob
  • He's been out at 5 a.m. (he'll need front and back lights to be legal)
  • He bought and unspecified brand of 3-speed automatic that looks like a commuting bike
  • He's been doing 45 minutes at slow speeds
  • He hasn't been on a bike in 40 years
  • His chief of planning, Michael Kineavy, apparently inspired him
He article quoted his minions joking that he'll now expand his early morning and late night calls about things that have to be done immediately to potholes. Worse things could happen.

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