Thursday, August 02, 2007

Saved from the Drink by a Drink

It's not degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, but then again as lame as Ripley's Believe It or Not! has gotten, it might fit there. Yesterday, a chum was not on that I-35 bridge over the Mississippi in downtown Minneapolis when it buckled and collapsed...only because he and some co-workers decided to have a beer together.

Those of us known, on those rare occasions, to appreciate the evidence of zymurgy do not necessarily need a new reason to drink a beer. Yet, here is one for those who need a reason or an excuse.

Brad would have been on that bridge at that time. Perhaps he lives today because he acceded to the social invitation of his officemates and sat with a beer instead of being on I-35 crossing, or almost crossing, the Mississippi River.

Call it coincidence. Call it kismet. Call it a celestial jest. Nonetheless, there was a drink he could appreciate at the time and much more later.

Slight of blog: Those looking for the downtown Boston Beer Works-related wee tale of young women forced to wander Canal Street in show-through tights shilling for Balance Bare samples, click Harrumph!

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