Monday, October 22, 2007

How About That Trial, on Left Ahead!

Over at Left Ahead!, we're looking beyond, "Just the facts, Ma'am," on the Cirignano trial. You know the ending, but do you know what's next for all of us what grew up thinking we had a right to free speech.

The guest will be Mike Benedetti, of Pie and Coffee and WCAA-TV. He was at the whole trial. He's a lot more pleasant about it all than I am. Together, we have opinions of what it may mean the next time we want to pick up a placard or march in a protest.

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John Hosty said...

Mike, it is as we knew it would be. People don't want to have to take responsibility for their actions anymore. We live in a "might makes right" nation.

This nation has so much potential, and so little focus. With a smile I say, "There's always tomorrow!"

massmarrier said...

Well, even after they gave him a pass on the big issue, civil-rights violation, I thought he'd at least lose on the clear-cut assault and battery. I was there for the instructions and the bar was very low.

To your larger issue, unless they absolutely are forced to, these clowns never take personal or organizational responsibility. It's the what-can-I-get-away-with routine.