Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Press Pumps Irish Pols

It can't be more than timely coincidence, but the local rags held forth today on next week's Boston City Council. Globe and Herald editorials and the Phoenix' sag wagon comments followed my comments yesterday.

Note: We'd do our rambling rants on the issue at Left Ahead! today at 2:30 p.m. on our weekly podcast. Catch it then or download it later.

Sue-Prize, Sue-Prize. The two dailies like the Irish-American guys in the at-large race and steer clear of the Team Unity members. The Globe endorses only John Connolly. The Herald goes for Michael Flaherty and most conservative councilor, Stephen Murphy, plus almost-made-it-last-time Connolly. At Talking Politics, the Phoenix' David Bernstein quickly and pretty gently takes them to task for their pasty-faced endorsements. He does note that the elision of incumbents Sam Yoon and Felix Arroyo is a real slight.

The Herald one is a hoot too from my view. It calls Flaherty the loyal opposition, not afraid to speak up. That title equally or more reasonably belongs to Arroyo. Moreover, I have to wonder whether their editorial scrawlers have read Connolly's platform. He is as liberal and equality minded as Murphy is old school. Maybe this is their version of having one lover for good looks and another for good cooking.

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