Sunday, October 14, 2007

MassRidiculous Pimps Dirty Trick

Lackaday for the intellectual poverty of self-righteous. They can be so blinded by their single-minded hate that they let supposed cleverness substitute for reason and experience.

Consider if you will, Shari Worthington. This blogger, Republican, anti-gay, anti-same-sex marriage sort has been reduced to referring to herself in the third person. She also seems to be figuratively wetting her Depend™ disposables, thinking she's really pulled a fast one on those equality types.

She waited until October 29th to file a criminal complaint related to the Larry Cirignano trial, which starts this Tuesday. A really good recap of the complaint with a link to it is at Pie and Coffee. Also check the serious flaming at MassResistance on this trial.

You may recall that Cirignano goes on trial in Worcester, charged with shoving pro-equality demonstrator Sarah Loy to the ground. That would be assault and trying to deny her freedom of speech.

Worthington in her Worcester County Freedom Trail posting suffers from a bad case of Wingnut Cleverness Syndrome. She figures that her (not the DA's) filing a complaint that Loy disrupted a public assembly, will force Loy to refuse to testify against her attacker. As Shari wrote (exclamation point hers), "But this causes a big problem for Loy. If she testifies against Larry on Oct. 16, she risks incriminating herself in a trial against her!"

Pardon me while I laugh into my fedora. The likelihood of a sincere pro-equality woman such as Loy in being cowed into submission by the likelihood of 1) going to trial at all, 2) not having the charge tossed at the onset of trial, 3) being convicted, and 4) paying the maximum $50 fine is absurd.

I laugh again into my hat.

Follow-up: John over at Live, Love and Learn has a superior take on this filing and its motivations. As a bonus, he was an eyewitness, who can put the lie to the claim that she was at the podium area blocking anything.

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John Hosty said...

Thanks for adding me to your great article. If your readers care for a little background they can go to Shari's website and see how she tries to spin this incident Larry's way, back in December. Unlike Jay at, she at least admits she did not see the incident.