Friday, January 18, 2008

How 'bout Those Activist Judges?

Legal decisions can seem like medical-journal studies. In the latter, doctors flog this month's results as now-we-know-the-truth — and MSM from daily papers to CNN to Parade spread the pseudo-news. Court decisions can be the same. In our desire for authority, we say, "After (insert ruling), everything changed!"

In both cases, it's usually just one more wrinkle in the great prune of life. Medical studies are often ephemeral truth, as the next ones contradict them. Court rulings can creep laboriously for years until they reach often vague resolution.

Fortunately, some observers are not so faddish. At Left Ahead!, we'll bring one such for our podcast on Tuesday, January 22nd. The multi-titled (VP, editor-in-chief and publisher) of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly joins us.

David Yas will give us his views on big issues like separation of powers and the role of the courts, and narrower ones like whether our Supreme Judicial Court overreached on Goodridge.

Here, I delighted in a column of his two years ago, the message to anti-same-sex marriage types that they lost. Get over it.

He doesn't seem to have any tolerance for bluster in lieu of substance.

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