Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Podcast Bandage

Pray a little cyber-supplication for Left Ahead! Our shared podcast site is sick today, but should be up by tomorrow.

  • We have a fun guest scheduled for next week
  • Ryan Adams and I covered a lot of political ground in a rambling show today
First, today's show is on the BlogTalkRadio site as usual. You can go there for access to the show stream. You can get it in MP3 form here. Those used to getting it from Left Ahead!'s player or the archive there will have to wait.

We ranted on about the Michigan, Nevada and South Carolina primaries, with emphasis on the GOP side. We touched on Cape Cod Wind and wind turbines, and looked with hope to the three big developments in Massachusetts Education this month. Those would be a proposed Secretary of Education, a new Commissioner of Education, and Gov. Deval Patrick's budget including an extra $368 to improve schools from kindergarten through university.

Next week, listen in at 2:30 Tuesday, January 22nd, or catch the archive. We'll bring on David Yas, vice president, editor in chief and publisher of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. He is an insightful and gutsy commentator. We'll cover key issues on the SJC and beyond.

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