Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No-No Sal on the Edge

It's time for the speaker of the house to cut the crap. Salvatore F. DiMasi has been the prince of negativity to the point that Massachusetts in rotting on his watch.

His puerile tirade targeting Gov. Deval Patrick and Presidential candidate Barack Obama doesn't hurt them or even us in Massachusetts. However, it does draw attention to Li'l Sal's unwillingness to act. For the past year, he has rejected every request and proposal to help us financially and attack our several long-term serious problems.
  • Taxing businesses at the rates other states do? No, says Sal.
  • Casinos as another revenue source? No, says Sal.
  • Infusion to boost biotech industry? I'll sit on it, says Sal.
  • Unite transit agencies and fund expansions? I'll let you have a train and trolley line expansion...only, says Sal.
  • Public safety initiatives with more cops? You can just wait, says Sal.
  • Local property-tax relief? No way, says Sal.
I think we can see the pattern here. No-no Sal shoots down any proposals for improvements and any funding mechanisms. Then, he offers nothing in response.

He either has no ideas or his own or is terrified of advancing any, perhaps fearing that some short-sighted jerk would sit on the funding or make sure it didn't pass. Oh, he's been that jerk.

The oddment here is that this is not his own ugly, limping horse he's riding to battle. The previous speakers and governors failed us. They deferred bridge and road maintenance until it becomes a crisis with a stunning price tag. They did not act as one company and industry after another dwindled or left the commonwealth. They neglected education and health and on and on.

Li'l Sal has the great opportunity to solve the problems created by those who came before. As his name portends, he can be a savior, if only he cuts the control-freak routine and acts.

How did the Terry Malloy character in On the Waterfront put it?
I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it.
Unlike the failed pug, Sal still has a shot at greatness. He still has time, but not much.

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