Monday, September 17, 2007

Casinos Revivify Skeletor

Strange bedfellows is far too delicate a term for the ménage Gov. Deval Patrick has thrust onto the big mattress of gambling opposition. I fear that my prediction that Mass Family's Kris Mineau will slither away quickly may be delayed as a result. This could be a real good chance for fund raising for MFI.

Several local rags gathered casino opponents for target practice at Patrick yesterday. The Globe piece is a good recap.

Notably among the anti forces were MFI and the state League of Women Voters. Of course the highly unethical, situation ethics MFI played the morality card, and on tonight's WCVB Chronicle he had brief appearance claiming that gambling addiction would double statewide if there were three casinos. Meanwhile the LWV has its action alert calling for solid tax policy instead of blinking lights and booze.

A huge irony is that after the colossal defeat to the marriage-equality forces, MFI was gonzo. However, Patrick had been thwarted by the legislature at everything he proposed to fix our deficit and pay for progressive politics. He turned to gaming -- a solution I have also opposed as a resort, if you pardon the pun.

Now we have all the bluenoses, wingers, and assorted loons out for his hide. Plus the Speaker of the House, Sal DiMasi is strongly against casinos.

It's not going to be a dull fall.

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Unknown said...

"bluenoses, wingers, and assorted loons"

Mike, where does LWV fall into that litany? (or I, for that matter?)

massmarrier said...

I wonder for myself too. I don't like linking our future to casino gambling and I fall more into line with the LWV. Of course in this case, Patrick was left holding nearly 20 years of junk in the deficit bag while the no-new-taxes folk let the debts grow and economic crises fester.

Maybe I should have added bluestockings too, for those intellectually opposed to such opportunism from an intellectual basis.