Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Remedial Patrick Cartooning

Looks like Dan Wasserman should forage around for the matchbook and take some more drawing classes. The cartoonist provocateur did a terrible job, whether accidentally or intentionally, with Gov. Deval Patrick today.

Wasserman sketched a flabby, jowly sort of pre-stomach-operation Al Roker. Patrick in contrast actually has a rather chiseled face and is fairly trim.

Moreover, Wasserman went through a great deal of trouble to crosshatch the drawing for a variety of grays. Yet, he ended up with absurdly thick white lips on the governor. (It's good he labeled the image; perhaps he knew how little it resembled the subject.)

I'm certainly no artist and should not go on about it. I recall years ago having to bring in a pro to do the hands in some telecommunications manuals I was producing. I am terrible with fingers.

Yet, isn't it odd that well over a year from Patrick's candidacy and governorship that a local cartoonist can still publish what looks like a 1950 stereotype of a Black man. Perhaps they all look alike to Wasserman. I'd be willing to buy him a sketch pad and some pens to practice with for the next time.

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