Friday, September 07, 2007

What is best in life, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Conan the Bigot gets a new chance to surprise his troops and to choose liberty. Any bets?

Today for a second time, the California legislature, the elected bodies in a representative democracy, presented him with a same-sex marriage bill (AB43) passed by both houses. It is law in California, needing only Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature. Any bets?

According to the Sacramento Bee, Schwarzenegger pledged again to veto the passed bill. He has his seven-year-old ballot initiative (proposition 22) disapproving SSM. He doesn't need any more democracy than that! In fact, in February, he said there was no need to even think about laws on the subject, "because the people of California have voted on that issue."

Thinking can really hurt small brains.

In contrast, Assemblyman Mark Leno urged the governor to "rise above right-wing ideology, as he has on many other issues, by signing this bill." Any bets?

A few legislators have made it personal, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The first openly gay legislator there, Sen. Sheila Kuehl, said, "Marriage is more than just a civil contract ... it is different from domestic partners, it's just different from civil unions - it means something. And because it means something, that's why it's been denied to us."

The Assembly voted for the bill 42 to 34 and the Senate 22 to 15. Schwarzenegger has a month to sign or veto it. A veto override requires two thirds of both houses, which are clearly not there.

So far, Schwarzenegger has been a typical Republican of the current type. He talks freedom but spits on liberties.

As MassEquality's Marc Solomon said on our Left Ahead! podcast this week about this very subject, "
He’s a wimp. You can tell him I said so…I’d put Deval (Patrick) up against Schwarzenegger in an action movie any day."

Arnie needs some 'nads. I don't know that he'll grow any in the next few weeks.

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