Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Larry Craig Honks His Nose

Amoral politicians seem to have done advanced work in belaboring the obvious. However, they seldom can see what is personally obvious.

David over at BMG called Sen. Larry Craig's hedging on resigning "too hilarious." The full story, as detailed in Craig's local paper, the Idaho Statesman, transcends that:
  • He thinks that his equivocating press conference on his disgrace gives him the chance and maybe obligation to stay in the Senate.
  • He's going to hold to his fantasy that he was "railroaded."
  • He accidentally left a voice mail on a stranger's phone that describes his self-perceived cleverness in planning his fight to stay in D.C.
  • He clings to Sen. Arlen Specter's public support in a second fantasy that other Republicans may rally to him.
Sorry, kid, you're legislative roadkill. Your party has cement shoes already in the form of the President's failed policies. They aren't going to jump into the water and die in defense of a hypocritical liar.

I'd love to have a Bush-style phone tap on Craig's lines now. His caucus members must be shouting one after another for him to get the hell out of Washington and not take them down with him. When he finally realizes that they can and will expel him if he doesn't go, he may at long, long last get it.

Craig's words seem to have chiseled the epitaph on the current GOP -- PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY LIES BURIED HERE

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A note on expulsion. That would take a 2/3 majority vote. I doubt that would happen. Certainly the dems won't vote to expel, since his presence in the senate is a constant public reminder of the moral bankruptcy of the Family Values (buy them in bulk!) party. ALso his presence would be disruptive to the repub machine. Heh.