Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Santa Craig Keeps Giving

...and it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge.

So wrote Charles Dickens of the reformed and chastened Ebenezer Scrooge. Yet that character was but a harbinger of Santa Larry Craig. He literally cannot stop himself from doing many things — most public of those has recently been giving and giving to the Democratic Party.

Today, there are new wire and newspaper stories of his latest frivolities. You can get all you really need from the 9/11 and 9/7 items in the Washington Post Capitol Briefing.

That column details yesterday's development in trying to withdraw his guilty bargain in his toilet string. The best part is not that Craig is letting his darkened heart flutter with the joy of going before a different judge, not the one who accepted his plea, on September 26th. No, it is that if he can withdraw the plea, he will vigorously — and publicly — defend himself in a following public trial and before the Senate Ethics Committee.

At least the Hennepin County district courts require such chicken-scratch misdemeanor cases to go to trial within 60 days. The ethics version could be well into the winter.

What is this sad, strange little man thinking? Someone who likes him should tell him what the documents and witnesses already public point to and then describe what he could expect from questioning in both those venues.

The very best the Dems can hope for is for Craig to get his withdrawal and keep parading his ragged comedy before the public. If he manages to last his term, he'll be handing them their first U.S. Senate seat from Idaho since Frank Church in 1974.

Generous guy, this Santa Craig.

Update with Joke: New West/Boise news site wins the best line in this far-too-easy mess. Its coverage includes:
D.C. Republicans are white-hot with fury at Craig, a Senate staffer told NewWest.Net/Boise. "He’s like those trick birthday candles that won’t blow out," she said. "Of all the times for a Republican senator to break ranks and fall out of formation, this wasn’t a good choice."

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