Sunday, October 12, 2008

Prop 8...Cogitate...Donate

It's big, bigger than big, and it's almost here. The California vote will determine the mid-term future of marriage equality. Proposition 8 would reverse this summer's legalization of same-sex marriage there. That can't happen.

A lot of us away from that region aren't aware of the forces lined up and money pouring in to pass 8. The good guys need to match their ads in the next three weeks. The usual suspects, including the Family Research Council, have recruited the Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) for bell ringing, phone banking and bucks.

Those who want to keep marriage equality are down $15 million to the other side's $25 million. It seems every anti-gay and anti-equality group and individual is trying to pass this dreadful initiative that would stop SSM.

The call now is for you to do as I did, find the money to help defeat Prop. 8.

This is tough timing. The financial markets are tumbling, jobs and futures are uncertain, and those with any retirement funds don't even want to open the report mailings.

So, it's simple. Weigh what you do and have. Pick a thing or two to forgo. Then donate. Do this today.

It might be nice to have some fancy gadget. You want to reward yourself and maybe someone you snuggle with. The price of an evening out by itself can make a huge difference.

You have to ask how much is it worth to have the most populous state in the nation secure in marriage equality? This sets the tone for the nation and that's why the Dark Side is throwing money and people at California. They will do their damnedest (and damned they are) to slow the inexorable victory of marriage equality.

Make no mistake. California is the big one. It's the SSM Ragnarok.

Just identify what you can do. Then donate.

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Poe People said...

Apparently, I am one of the dark side, and you have made a very bold statement in judging my eternal fate "and damned they are". But, nonetheless I would just like to state that Proposition 8 is not an attempt to overthrow the will of the people of California. Rather, in the year 2000, 61% of the California population (liberal, conservative, black, white, and everything in between) voted in favor of Proposition 22, which defended marriage between a man and a woman. 4 members of the State Supreme Court voted to overrule the will of the people. This perhaps seems nothing but a religious "fight", but more than that, many Californians are fighting for the American know, where the will of the people is established? Democracy? This is just one way of establishing a governmental precedence that does not hesitate to disregard the voice of the people. Why don't we see what the people of California say before casting eternal judgement their way?

massmarrier said...

It is exactly an attempt to overthrow two votes of the legislature as well as the court decision. Time marches on from 2000, as apparently have a majority of the voters.

You have a representative democracy, epitomized by the legislature. You also have the nation's loosest initiative system, one most prone to emotional and impulsive campaigns. These have forced unfunded mandates on the state repeatedly as well as tried to limit the rights of various groups.

The 61% is long gone, and a simple majority may well be also. Same-sex marriage hurts no one and helps many, including their children.

Anonymous said...

Please help us Save Our Constitution from the bigotry and discrimination of the Mormon Church.

A recent press release from noted that the campaign only has 30,000 donors, a pathetic number given the enormity of the issue to equality for the lgbt community. Money is pouring into the state from out-of-state religious groups but not from out of state gay and lesbians.

This election has widespread implications, which is the very reason why the religious right is fighting it from every state in the union.

In fact, it was California which, in 1948 in Perez v. Sharp, was the first state since reconstruction to strike down its anti-miscegenation statute which denied one the freedom to marry outside his or her race. Interracial marriage bans then began falling throughout the U.S. and 19 years later the U.S. Supreme Court finally ended the last of these discriminatory bans in Virginia and Alabama, the only states left with the statutes.

The same positive transition can happen again, but California needs your help. Religious fundamentalists are outspending the No on Prop 8 camp. Please help stop the Hate. Donate to the No on Prop 8 campaign at:

Anonymous said...

fuckin fags, go back to your closets and stfu already

massmarrier said...

I suppose you can pardon the befuddled and emotional remark by the anonymous poster. That came from Arnolds Park, Iowa. Perhaps it was a disgruntled McCain supporter reacting to last night's vote there.

Poe People said...

I guess the will of the people of California won hasn't changed too much after all.