Friday, August 12, 2005

Cabbage People

We have been on the road and asked around about our standard issues. Here in South Carolina, folk seem fascinated by the one-day designation of solemnization. It might be that same-sex marriage is just too far-fetched, but more likely, they recognize the latter as a political blip, while the former is a true oddment.

Here in the land of cabbage palms, in a very informal, very unscientific poll, we discussed the topics for this blog with folk from their 20s into their 80s. The nearly universal response from straights about same-sex marriage is that they just didn't get it. The thought there was likely something wrong with it, but no one agreed with the fundamentalist sorts about God's damnation. They leaned more to the love-and-commitment-are-the-real-issues view.

While politicians rush to placate the discomforted with DoMA laws and laws or rules that would deny full faith and credit to Massachusetts for its gay married couples, much empirical evidence supports the transitive nature of that. As so many Canadian politicians have been saying recently, "In five years, people will be asking what the big deal was."

That may take 10 years downstream.

On the other hand, folk can't get enough of the designated solemnizer concept. It seems everyone can think of a couple he or she would have liked to wed. I certainly agree and am sorry that I don't see the likelihood of performing a wedding for other friends this year. It had gotten to be quite a ritual of rituals for me.

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